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Live Streaming vs. Live Pricing: What the Difference?

Rene Anthony

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Since 2012, we've saved investors more than $63 million in trading fees. Our mission has always centred on empowering Australians to harness the markets, grow their portfolios, and invest towards financial freedom. A big part of that is providing you with the necessary tools to make the most informed investment decisions.

Since 2012, we've saved investors more than $63 million in trading fees. Our mission has always centred on empowering Australians to harness the markets, grow their portfolios, and invest towards financial freedom. A big part of that is providing you with the necessary tools to make the most informed investment decisions.

We've listened to the feedback from our members. You've been asking for more features. You've asked for more value. And we're delighted to unveil our latest improvement to the Selfwealth platform: Live Streaming. Available now for Selfwealth Premium customers. 

Live Streaming is a real-time, dynamic data service that provides members with continuous pricing updates every three seconds for stock quotes, market depth, your watch-list, and your portfolio. Currently, all Selfwealth members have access to Live Pricing, but Live Streaming is a clear step up.

Dynamic data is often reserved for active traders, but we're pleased to announce that Live Streaming is now included in our refreshed subscription service, Selfwealth Premium, which will kick off on June 30.

And for a limited time, you'll be able to get an annual subscription for just $240!

So, why is Live Streaming better than Live Pricing? See Price changes in real-time without refreshing.

It no secret that every second can make a difference in the stock market. With price updates automatically updating every three seconds, Live Streaming means you don't have to worry about 20-minute delays or need to refresh the page to receive up-to-date prices.

Whether you want to place a limit order or a market order, Live Streaming can make all the difference in giving you an extra edge to realise the best possible price for your order. You can watch every fluctuation that brings your trade closer to execution and adjust your order to suit your needs.

Another benefit of seeing prices change in real-time is that you can respond instantly to opportunities as they emerge. Forget about refreshing the page to watch the price of a stock you have your eyes on. Instead, Live Streaming makes every moment count.

Watch Stock Sentiment Continuously Shift

If you want to trade the market with greater insight on what other investors are doing, Live Streaming allows you to see every shift in market depth.

The market depth tool allows you to view all the other buyers and sellers in the market for a certain stock. It shows all 'in-market' orders with the quantities, as well as the asking price submitted by the order placer. Market depth is used by many individuals to gauge the level of sentiment in a particular stock. It is also used to see where your order sits in the market.

With Live Streaming, you'll be able to continuously monitor and analyse how buyers and sellers move into or out of a stock, and, again, you won't need to refresh the page.

Gain More Oversight while Monitoring Your Portfolio

Selfwealth Live Pricing functionality provides updated prices in your portfolio when you refresh the page. However, that means you need to actively focus your attention on monitoring your portfolio. For many investors, this level of attention is difficult enough when already keeping an eye out for stock market news and developments that might influence share prices.

Live Streaming provides you with greater accuracy when analysing how your portfolio is performing at any moment throughout the trading day.

Not only will the prices of the stocks you hold in your portfolio update live in real-time, but your earnings and returns will also be updated continuously. This can help identify underperforming stocks or shares that suddenly spike higher, potentially alerting you to trades.

Respond Quicker to Watch-list Opportunities

A 'watchlist' is a list of stocks that are monitored for potential trading or investing opportunities. Selfwealth members can create as many watchlists as desired, and you can customise each one to your needs. Currently, you need to refresh the page to see Live Pricing across any of your watchlists.

On the other hand, Live Streaming provides updates for stock prices in any of your watchlists every three seconds. Since every moment can make a difference between buying a stock at its low, or missing out altogether, Live Streaming pricing is an invaluable tool for any Selfwealth member that wants to respond quicker to opportunities on their watchlists.

How to Access Live Streaming

If you're already a Selfwealth Premium subscriber, Live Streaming is a premium feature available to members with a Selfwealth Premium subscription. If you have a subscription, simply toggle' Live Streaming on. You'll find it at the top of the My Holdings' section under My Portfolio', or just below the green Create New Watchlist' button under Stock Watchlists'.

You can find Live Streaming on the desktop and mobile versions of the Selfwealth website. There are no minimum trades required per month to access Live Streaming.

In addition to Live Streaming pricing, Selfwealth Premium includes all the rest of our premium features and services, including community insights, portfolio analysis tools, stock reports, and bonus free trades.

Take control of your wealth creation journey and make the move today. Sharpen your investing edge by accessing cutting-edge features in one value-packed subscription bundle. Grow you Good Thing!

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