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The Social Network for Investors
Australia’s first investment solution that enables you to compare yourself to your peers, professionals and the market & use this knowledge to improve your own portfolio performance.

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Change the way you invest so you can live the life you want to live

Join our well established financial community and access top investors to help you outperform. Simply upload your portfolio from your online broker (or enter it manually) and compare your performance to professionals, the market and thousands of investors just like you. SelfWealth makes investing accessible to everyone by providing portfolios, performance, reporting and great research tools – all in one place.

Join our online community for investors, partnering to achieve the common purpose of better returns – a brand new solution to an age-old investment problem.

Get started now and enjoy these benefits:

Access to top investors to help you outperform

Capture everything you need at a single glance

Meaningful measurement of your portfolio’s performance

Access to the WealthCheck to improve the health of your portfolio

Improve your SafetyRating & give your portfolio its best chance to succeed

Find and follow like-minded investors

Ability to create a target portfolio and test it over time

Social networking tools made for investors

Great research and tools

Significant savings in fees and commissions

 Helping self-directed investors achieve their investment goals



When was the last time you had a WealthCheck?

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Your WealthCheck score is the best way to measure the health of your portfolio, measuring the performance of your portfolio and your engagement with SelfWealth. Your WealthCheck score can range from an A+ to an F and is calculated using the following criteria; how well your share portfolio is performing compared to other investors in SelfWealth, the diversification of your portfolio, an independent valuation of the shares in your portfolio and your regular monitoring of your portfolio through SelfWealth. A WealthCheck report can be downloaded providing details of how you are performing against each of these criteria with suggested ways to improve. The WealthCheck is designed to help you use SelfWealth effectively to improve your portfolio performance. It is within your power to improve your WealthCheck score to help you reach your financial dreams.

This is the new world. The first self directed and understandable investment tool that anyone can use and understand."

Scott, SelfWealth Member since January 2013

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