Who are we?

SelfWealth Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company established in 2012.

SelfWealth originated from the belief that Australia’s current investment model is flawed with Financial planners, Fund Managers and Administration platforms each demanding a share of fees from the investor. We believe paying higher fees and commissions if you have more to invest is an unfortunate legacy in the Australian Financial system. SelfWealth, using past experience in the industry has created a unique community of investors and a flat fee brokerage solution, which empowers self-directed investors.

For the first time in Australia, investors can now access an online tool, which compares their portfolio’s performance against other investors. Members of the SelfWealth community can make investment decisions based on fact, not opinion. They can see how people like them are investing and what returns they are achieving. Members can trial different strategies and based on their experiences make informed decisions on how to invest their money. In early 2016 we launched Australia’s only flat fee brokerage solution, SelfWealth TRADING.


SelfWealth is an online community for investors, partnering to achieve the common purpose of better returns. It is a brand new solution for an age-old investment problem.

SelfWealth. Trading knowledge, not just shares.

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