What’s made it into the top 10 ETFs?

What’s made it into the top 10 ETFs?

We last wrote about ETF ownership in the community back in November. Curious to see what’s changed?


As a reminder, the ETF target portfolio option in the SelfWealth platform is rebalanced quarterly. Therefore this represents the community’s holdings at the end of December 2018.

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Top 10 ETFs as held by the Community

As per November, Vanguard dominates. Let’s dive deeper into what’s changed.


The changes!

Sub out VHY, sub in VAF.


VHY = High yield Australian shares.

VAF = Fixed interest.


There has been a lot in the media about a potential recession this year in Australia, with house prices weighing down on those fears. Does a change from VHY to VAF reflect this? Is the SelfWealth community derisking its ETF portfolio? Let’s have a look at the two Vanguard ETFs


The large majority of VAF is made of government-related bonds, with the remainder comprised of corporate institutions. Government bonds are considered the least-risky bond option available. In contrast, VHY is Australian shares, concentrating on dividend payments. This is a noticeable change in risk.


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