What are the Top 10 Stocks Held by the SelfWealth Community?

What are the Top 10 Stocks Held by the SelfWealth Community?

The SelfWealth community is a pool of data-rich of both good investors and bad, which can be used to support your investment decisions – want to buy that speccy stock a friend told you about at a BBQ? You can see if the top performers in the community hold it, or the bottom performers. Occasionally we look at this data to find some additional insights above and beyond the indexes, member spotlights and target portfolios the SelfWealth platform already produces on a daily basis for SelfWealth Premium Subscribers.


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What are the top 10 stocks, by value?

For the seasoned Australian investors that opened this article, they could most likely already guess the top stocks held by the community. As a large sample of the Australian investment community — 60,000+ portfolios are used to create this data – it’s going to be pretty representative.

For the purpose of this article, we’ve removed ETFs and LICs from the ‘top held’ criteria, of which there were 5 in the top 10, four starting with the Vanguard brand name. We’ve also ranked it on the total value held in the SelfWealth community. Without further ado…


  1. NAB
  2. WBC
  3. CBA
  4. ANZ
  5. CSL
  6. TLS
  7. BOQ
  8. BHP
  9. MQG
  10. WPL


Banks, no surprises there! Now, what were to happen if we added the LICs and ETFs back in?


  1. NAB
  2. WBC
  3. VAS
  4. CBA
  5. ANZ
  6. VGS
  7. VTS
  8. VDHG
  9. AFI
  10. CSL


It’s still bank heavy, by the way of VAS being an ASX300 ETF that will naturally include a large weighting to the banks, as well as AFI being bank heavy too. The most noticeable change is the US and global exposure, by the way of VTS and VGS respectively.


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