SelfWealth App

Buy and sell stocks in your favourite companies and ETFs

Own your favourite companies in a few clicks.
Research your favourite ASX, US and HK brands.

Trade Australian, US and HK stocks with ease and confidence, with Australia’s number one low-cost platform.

Live pricing is shown on the stock page and the order page. Placing an order only takes a few taps!

Track your share investment portfolio

Get a quick snapshot of your performance on the dashboard

Get more detail of each share or ETF performance with a full portfolio table, showing profit and loss, current price and other data points.

Track your performance throughout the trading day with our easy to use trading app.

Why choose SelfWealth?

  • Unlimited flat fee $9.50 trades
  • Simple to set up and place your first trade
  • Safe and secure CHESS sponsored share trading

Exclusive analytical data
for your growth

Tool for: Exploring data
Easy to read indicators from global data providers Refinitiv
Filter through investment opportunities on the stock screener (coming to the app soon!)

Receive exclusive analytical data from global data provider Refinitiv. Invest with confidence with our stock search and stock screener tools.

Refinitiv analysts provide buy/sell recommendations and price guidance.

Keep being updated using your watchlists

Track your favourite companies using watchlists
Easily access information on each stock in your watchlist

Check the interested in stock’s performance on a regular basis and stay focused on the companies you’ve researched.

Australia’s best share trading app

Login screen

Get a snapshot of your daily performance of log in with ease.

The dashboard

A summary of your daily performance and easily access your portfolio detail

Individual stock screen

Research individual stocks with detailed information

Create watchlists

Track your favourite Aussie, US and HK companies with watchlists.

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