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When you invest on the stock market, you are largely given two choices. And neither of them is ideal. You can either pay exorbitant fees to brokers which will lessen your returns. Or you can go it alone, and risk getting it wrong. On the other hand, you could get the network effect with SelfWealth. SelfWealth is a dynamic, always-on social investment network of like-minded investors with a proven wealth-growing track record.

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Even people who use a financial planner or adviser use SelfWealth as a way of supporting and validating what they are being told about investment decisions and returns. It also provides a layer of transparency. One of the great things about SelfWealth is that it caters for all types of investors. The confident ones who can use it as a tool to further improve their investment strategy and those who will simply use it as a reporting tool, recording how they performed and benchmarking that against other investors.

Glenn DelaneyDirector, Australian SMSF Solutions

I've been using SelfWealth now for nearly 2 years. Prior to SelfWealth I really could only compare my SMSF portfolio performance against the market and industry funds, I can now compare against other SMSF portfolios. I thought it was doing OK, but since becoming part of the SelfWealth community I realised it could have been so much better and the new SelfWealth website has proved to be even more useful.

PaulSelfWealth member since 2014

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