The Smarter Way for Australians to Trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) in Australia

Flat-fee brokerage. No account fees. All in one place.

SelfWealth Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading features

$88 flat-fee HK trading

Only pay $88 HKD per trade. No account fees, no other commissions. It’s that simple.

HK cash account

Transfer money from your SelfWealth AUD cash account to your HKD cash account with ease. No need to get hit multiple times with FX fees. No withdrawal fees.

Large stock selection

You will have direct access to all major HK exchanges through your SelfWealth account. There will be a massive 2,500+ financial instruments to choose from.

Competitive FX spread

We only charge 0.05 when transferring to or from HKD. This compares to banks and other competitors who can charge up to 0.80%.

Trade on unsettled funds

Sold some shares? Take advantage of your next opportunity straight away! No need to wait for the trade to settle, days later.

Easy cash transfer

Transfer requests made by 3 PM Sydney time are available within two working days.

Icon Price comparison for Hong Kong trading

All prices are listed in HKD and a relative to the time of currency conversion on March, 1 2022.
Trade size SelfWealth CommSec NABtrade Westpac ANZ
$5,001 Trade $88 HKD $315 HKD $84 HKD $457 HKD $330 HKD
$10,001 Trade $88 HKD  $315 HKD $112 HKD $457 HKD $334 HKD
$50,001 Trade $88 HKD  $315 HKD $312 HKD $457 HKD $1673 HKD
FX Fee 0.05 0.6% 0.8% 0.6% 0.6%
Inactivity Fees $0 $141 HKD
per year
0.5% HKD
per year
$479 HKD
per year
0.5% HKD
per year

Trade Hong Kong stocks with Australia's most popular low-cost online trading platform. Flat fee Aussie, US and Hong Kong stock trading in one place!

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Easy, low cost, safe & excellent for first timers

Thanks for helping me take my first steps. SelfWealth was recommended to me for years now, can see why. App works well & got useful replies when I had questions.

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  • Easy account set up process
  • Online customer support to help you place your first trade

Industry-leading security to keep your share portfolio safe


Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account using a 2FA app to add a second layer of protection on accessing your account.

Trade through a trusted, listed company

SelfWealth is listed on the Australian securities exchange (ASX) and therefore must report regularly on the state of the company. Other, private companies, are not required to report the status of the company publicly. SelfWealth has been around since 2012.

Active account security monitoring

Automatic and manual systems are automatically enabled on your account to prevent unauthorised access.

Australia’s best Hong Kong share trading app

The trading dashboard

Track the HK market during trading hours or get a snapshot in the morning before the market opens!

Track all your orders!

All of your HK, US and ASX orders in one place.

Research your favourite HK companies

There are more than 2,500 stocks to choose from!

Place an order!

Place orders outside of market hours or while the HK market is trading.

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How to buy Hong Kong shares in Australia


1. Open a SelfWealth trading account

During the application process, you can opt-in to have HK trading added to your portfolio. This is free and only requires a few additional clicks.

2. Transfer money to your HKD cash account

When your account is set up, you need to deposit money into your SelfWealth AUD cash account and then transfer it to your HKD cash account.


3. Start trading!

Add money to your HKD cash account via your AUD cash account. Initiate the transfer before 3 PM Sydney time and cash will be in your account within two working days.

Start trading today

Start trading today

  • Unlimited flat-fee $88 HKD trades
  • Simple to set up and place your first trade
  • Move money between your HKD and AUD accounts easily

Common questions

How do I transfer cash into my HKD account?

You can submit a transfer request from either your SelfWealth AUD or USD cash accounts. Unfortunately, we can’t accept cash transfers direct to your HKD account from your external bank account.

What fees are charged?

For brokerage, we charge $88 HKD per trade. We charge 0.05 on the spread when moving money between your AUD and HKD. All brokers charge this, it’s a competitive spread. There are no account fees on SelfWealth, nor inactivity fees.

I'm new to SelfWealth, how do I open a HK trading account?

When applying for a SelfWealth account, you will be asked if you want HK trading added to your account. It’s that simple!

How will dividends be paid for HK stocks?

Dividends from your HK holdings will be paid in cash directly into your HKD account within 48 hours of the dividend being allocated.

Will options or CFD trading be available?

Options or CFD trading may be added to the SelfWealth platform in the future but it will not be available in the immediate term.

What is the ownership structure of the shares or cash?

You are the beneficial owner of any HK holdings with SelfWealth which will be held in custody with Phillip Securities Pte Ltd. Your cash will be held in a Phillip Capital Trust account with Standard Chartered. SelfWealth has no beneficial ownership or right to either your holdings or cash.

How long does it take to transfer money between AUD and HKD?

Transfers from your SelfWealth AUD account to your HKD account initiated before 3 PM AEST will available within two business days.