Following the successful launch of SelfWealth kids share trading accounts, which allows SelfWealth members to open a trading account for children under the age of 18, we’re here to help shed light on some of the reasons to begin investing for kids from an early age.

But first, if you’re looking for further information on how SelfWealth kids trading accounts work, you can learn more here

We’re delighted to open up a realm of possibilities for a new generation of investors, but that means you also need to get involved as well! So help a child take the first step on their investment journey, and apply for a kids share trading account today!

On that note, here are five reasons to invest for kids.


1. Teach children vital money lessons

It’s a life skill that many of us wish we could have learned earlier, however, with a SelfWealth kids share trading account, you can make a difference and help a child make a bright start.

By investing on behalf of a minor, you can help a child grow up learning how to manage their finances. Not only will they learn about the basics of money, but they can also pick up other valuable life skills including saving, budgeting and planning, among others. 

With these skills, you are equipping a child with vital tools that can help them become financially responsible adults when they grow up. 


2. Help a child find or follow what they’re passionate about

One of the defining trends we have noticed among those who are looking to invest early on behalf of a kid is that many of the investment choices tend to focus on future trends.

In a large number of cases, those trends are also tied to important societal issues and ethical considerations. Whether it be renewable energy, cutting-edge technology developments, or digital health care services, one eye is often firmly looking to the future.

That means investing through a SelfWealth kids trading account is the perfect way to help a child follow something they’re passionate about. Help nurture their knowledge and passion by investing for the future and facilitating their learning experiences.


3. Make every moment count by starting early

Many investors don’t begin their investment journey until they find themselves with savings or disposable income that they don’t know what to do with. However, those who began investing at a young age have one of the biggest benefits on their side: time!

The power of compounding growth across the long-term is a wonderful thing. Investing for a child from an early age is the best way to make the most of a SelfWealth kids trading account. As they say, time in the market beats timing the market.

By opening a trading account and investing on behalf of a child you know, you are setting them on course to build their wealth and attain financial independence. And with the long-term nature of the stock market, every moment ultimately makes a difference. 



4. Work towards a child’s future needs

Early investing can have a profound impact when it comes to providing a financial base for a child to later realise some of life’s big-ticket moments.

Whether you have hopes for your son or daughter to afford their university education, eventually enter the housing market, or build a nest egg that will make it a little easier for them to get by, there is no shortage of long-term goals that can be facilitated by investing on behalf of a child. That extends to relatives and family friends as well, who also share the power to help a child start saving for their goals from an early age.

Who knows, by the time the child turns 18 and becomes an adult, they may well embrace their investment journey and decide to continue investing in the stock market.


5. Top up, contribute and invest any time you want

Apart from being identical to a regular SelfWealth trading account, a kid’s trading account is the gift that keeps on giving. You have all the flexibility to add as much money into the account as you wish, and as regularly as you like.

Is one of the grandkid’s birthdays fast approaching? Not sure what to get a nephew or niece for Easter? Are those jingle bells ringing with Christmas right around the corner? 

Depositing funds into a SelfWealth kids trading account and making an investment on their behalf is a great option to help a child begin accumulating their wealth from an early age.


How do I open a kid’s share trading account?

It is simple to open a SelfWealth kids share trading account. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your SelfWealth trading account on the website
  2. Click on the avatar (top right corner)
  3. Choose ‘Settings’
  4. Click “Open an Additional SelfWealth Trading Portfolio”
  5. Click “Start Application”
  6. Select “Kids (Minor)” from the options regarding application type and follow the prompts – have the minor’s birth certificate or birth certificate extract ready!


Now is the time to make an early start and invest on behalf of the next generation. Apply here to open a SelfWealth kids share trading account.

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