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1. Follow the best investors

View and follow SelfWealth investors, the trades they’re making and the returns they’re achieving. Each SelfWealth member receives an alias.

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2. Benchmark your performance

You can compare your own portfolio to other investors or benchmark your performance against the ASX200, and the other SelfWealth indicies based on the community.

SelfWealth tools to help you


3. Optimise your portfolio

SelfWealth provides you with the tools required to optimise your portfolio based on learnings from the community. We help you create your own ‘target portfolio’ – a diversified selection of shareholdings based on the top-weighted holdings of the top 10 performing members you follow.

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Tool for: Exploring portfolios Following portfolios

Your SafetyRating

The SafetyRating tracks the diversification of your portfolio and that of other members. Diversification is a way to spread your risk across different companies, industries and even geographies. Improve this score by diversifying your portfolio with more stocks or things such as ETFs.

Your WealthCheck Score

Your WealthCheck Score is a combination of your SafetyRating, your performance over different periods and the under- or over-valuation of your portfolio, according to Refintiv analysts’ evaluation.

Target Portfolio and Alignment

Tool for: Exploring portfolios Following portfolios
Example of the SelfWealth Target Portfolio tool Possible redesigned platform block of target portfolio

Target portfolio

Create your own Target Portfolio – a diversified selection of holdings based on the top weighted holdings of the best 10 performing members you follow in the SelfWealth Community.

SelfWealth Alignment Tool Example Possible redesigned platform block of Align with target portfolio

Alignment tool

The alignment tool compares your current portfolio with your ‘target portfolio’ and provides the mechanism to execute the required trades to reach your target.

Track your share investment portfolio

Live performance of the market against your portfolio.
View your individual stock performance.

Get more detail of each share or ETF performance with a full portfolio table, showing profit and loss, current price and other data points.

Research and Reporting

Receive exclusive analytical data from global data provider Refinitiv.
Tool for: Exploring data Portfolio optimisation

Company financials

Price forecasts from multiple analysts

Detailed stock reports from global data provider Refintiv

Buy / sell recommendations

Explore and compare a list of company financials

Track sentiment from the SelfWealth community

Track global and local news announcements

View the most popular stocks of the day

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