It’s a feature that the community had asked for, so we’ve added it in! You can easily activate 2FA by following the steps below.


What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security for your SelfWealth account designed to ensure that you’re the only person with access. It requires a code from an authenticator app, on top of your standard login details, for you to be able to access your account.


How do you activate 2FA?

You will need to be on the website, you can’t activate it from the app. Although 2FA will be applied to the app once activated.


  1. Click the ‘cog’ at the top right of your screen once logged in and choose the ‘settings’ option.
  2. Once on the settings page, navigate to the ‘personal details’ tab across the top of the page under the ‘settings’ title.
  3. Under your password, you will find a button called ‘Enable 2FA’.
  4. Follow the prompts, noting down your recovery codes in a safe place. You will need to have your authenticator app ready.


Once activated, you will be required to use the 2FA code to access your account along with your standard login details. You will also need to re-enter your login details into your SelfWealth app after activating 2FA.


Why does SelfWealth use an app instead of SMS?

SMS is not a safe way of authenticating the account holder and app authentication is seen as a more secure method. 


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