SelfWealth has been changing a lot in the background. Last year, thanks to an explosion in interest in the stock market from Australians, through the initial COVID period, the company grew quite substantially. Our first point of call was customer support — we were piling on new staff members to keep up with the demand for new accounts, from a lot of you wanting to invest in the stock market. The team, headed up by stylish Matt Jones, is now running very efficiently and there during ASX and US trading hours, to handle your questions.

We then turned our attention to the rest of the business: how do we continue to provide Australia’s most interesting, secure and exciting investment platform to support our 95,000+ active investors on their investment journeys?

We’ve been hiring heavily in the tech and product teams, operations and compliance, and will soon be adding more to the marketing team. To what end? Well, to create a burger roadmap, of course. The natural output.


Crypto, Live Pricing and Real-time Payments

First off the proverbial cab rank will be the ability for SelfWealth members to fund their ASX accounts in real-time. We’re currently working with partners to add this to the platform. We’ve recently closed out the live pricing beta, which we tested with a select group of SelfWealth Premium members in order to collect data on live pricing in use. Currently, stock prices are live on the individual stock/fund page as well as the order pad, this is due to the fact that it’s very expensive to provide and we want to keep brokerage fees low.

Now to the exciting announcement: we will be partnering with an established and secure cryptocurrency exchange to provide access to cryptocurrencies. This is off the back of research we’ve done, including answers from many of you. You want to access crypto, but you want it done in a safe and secure manner. You will be able to trade cryptocurrencies that have been vetted by us first. We will factor in popularity, liquidity and security.


Making Investing More Enjoyable

Earlier this year, we released new Apple iPhone and Android apps. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive but we still want to improve on it. We will be continuously working on improving the app while simultaneously updating the desktop web experience.


More Ways to Invest

On top of cryptocurrency trading, you all said you wanted more international stock markets to invest into, directly. Through our partners at PhillipCapital, we will be looking to add additional markets by the end of the year.