Starting Wednesday, August 25th, we’ve invited one of Australia’s leading stock market educators just for you. 

SelfWealth LIVE will be hosted by Owen Rask, who is the Founder of Rask, a leading online investor education and research network. Owen and the SelfWealth team will be looking at what’s happening in the market, teaching you key investment theories and covering off important investing topics. You will be able to ask questions directly and contribute to the next week’s LIVE session.

Join the SelfWealth YouTube channel or follow us on social media to join the LIVE session on Wednesday.

Here’s a guide for the coming weeks.

Weekly program Company or ETF Topics covered
Week 1 Nanosonics Ltd (ASX: NAN). An emerging global healthcare business with compelling growth.  Discover the secrets of stock market investing. Owen will cover how he finds & researches ASX stocks like a pro analyst, from the ground up, using the SelfWealth platform.
Week 2 MYSTERY ETF. To be revealed. This Australian ETF is one of Australia’s top ETF picks for investors. Hint: Owen has personally invested in this ETF. Create a strong portfolio from Day 1. Learn how to analyse a ‘Core’ ETF you can hold for serious long-term wealth creation. 
Week 3 A ‘resilient’ US tech stock. To be revealed. Watch along & ask your questions as Owen shares his screen & analyses a global (US) technology company he’s considering investing in.  A checklist for investing. Get to the bottom of how to find and research the best global stocks with the SelfWealth platform. Follow along, or ask questions as we go!
Week 4 Thematic growth ETF. Discover the strategies that expert researchers use to study a leading Australian ETF. Thematic ETFs are hugely popular amongst traders & investors alike. But not all are created equal. Discover the risks & opportunities on offer with one of Australia’s most popular thematic ETFs, and how to combine them in a portfolio. 
Week 5 ASX Blue Chip. This company has proven to be one of the best dividend stocks in the country (if not ‘the’ best). 2 of Warren Buffett’s investing secrets. Management & competitive advantages are vital to investing. Learn how to apply these two essential strategies when analysing companies for yourself. 
Week 6 A fast-growth US stock (hiding in plain sight). This company has grown its profits at phenomenal rates. Is there still time to cash in?  Watch as Owen conducts a real-life analyst valuation in front of your eyes on a big US tech company. Find out how much it is worth, why you might buy it now, plus the risks and the benefits of doing valuations on shares. 

As you can see, there’s so much you can learn in just 6 weeks. And all you have to do is show up over your lunch break. 

By tuning into the SelfWealth YouTube channel every Monday at 12 noon (the first LIVE will be on Wed 25th August) our plan is to help you:

  • Learn how to invest confidently, step by step
  • Develop the psychology of a successful investor
  • Discover the power of the stock market & investing regularly
  • Gain real-life value investing skills

The LIVE event is completely free.