For Giftmas Day 10, we’re winding it back with one of our most popular givaways of the season — the gift of knowledge.

Last week, we collated a bunch of favourite investment resources from prominent educators in the space. This time we follow suit with leaders of top companies, industry personalities, and leaders of the new-wave of investment knowledge.

Just like last week, we’ll be picking five winners and sending them each book in the series.

All you need to do to win is:

  1. Read this post (yep, it’s a reading competition)
  2. Head to our 12 Days of Giftmas landing page
  3. Submit to your answer to the following question, using the form under Day Ten (December 22)

And the question:

Who is the founder of Broke Girl Wealth?

Lelde Smits | Cofounder of MarketLit and The Capital Network

Book: The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

With more than two million copies sold I have to agree with the wisdom of the crowd, The Barefoot Investor is truly the only money guide you’ll ever need.

One of the biggest challenges when investing is navigating complex terminology, concepts and/or products. Updated for the 2020-2021 financial year, Scott cuts through complexity with stories of everyday Aussies with a step-by-step formula. The friendly and illustrated approach to finance feels relatable and is so accessible to a broad audience.

When it comes to investing, Scott calls it “Your Golden Ticket”, and just like Willy Wonka this fresh approach of fundamental concepts hasn’t dated and is truly a classic everyone should consider to sweeten up their approach to money in the year ahead.


Cath Whitaker | CEO of SelfWealth

Book: The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins

This book is great for anyone starting their wealth journey. It’s written by a father trying to explain finances to a daughter who doesn’t want to have to think about money, and I like it because it speaks to building financial literacy as a means to ease stress.

No one wants to have to think about money 24/7. Part of getting to the point where you’re not weighed down with money matters is making a few smart money choices in the beginning; if you’re asking my two cents, reading this book is one of those choices.


Aleks Nikolic | Founder of Broke Girl Wealth

Book: Smashed Avocado by Nicole Haddow

My favourite book is Smashed Avocado by Nicole Haddow. The book follows Nicole, in her late twenties, turning around her spending habits and buying a house after a 12 month boot camp on budgeting.

I just love that the book highlights the importance of sacrifices that work for you as opposed to cutting the joys in life that other people think are ‘frivolous’. It also goes to show that getting into the property market as a rentvestor (or any kind of investment) is possible and that it is never too late start.