Biggest trades from 2018 – find out what this investor bought with $12m!

Biggest trades from 2018 – find out what this investor bought with $12m!

The Top Investor

Alanvale97 is the man that takes the crown, putting a whopping $12m into BetaShare’s Australian High-Interest Cash ETF (ASX:AAA). He’s then bought in and out of others at similar numbers, taking the cake for most of the top trades. Just on that one $12m trade alone, he would have spent over $144,000 on brokerage at Commsec. At SelfWealth? That one trade was a mere $9.50…


Although trading in large volumes, Alanvalue97 only ranks in the top 31% of the community on performance with a WealthCheck score of C, so probably not a good one to follow.


The Runners Up

Another top trader for 2018 was Mjolner, who bought into CBA at the end of July for $72.67 totalling $1.9m. Has she held on to them? Check her out on SelfWealth to follow her trades for the year.


BetaShare’s AAA ETF is featured again in the top trades, with member FFSF buying into the fund with a cool $1.5m at the start of 2018.


The ETF trend continues but shifts to an external focus with Objectivist buying into Vanguard’s U.S. Total Market Shares Index ETF (ASX:VTS) with $1.46m, then finishes with lupinxyz buying into oil and gas exploration company Oil Search Limited (ASX:OSH) with $1.4m.


You can follow all members here, as well as the other 60,000+ community members, on the SelfWealth platform. Not already a member? Join today!


Saving on Brokerage

All of the investors here have saved thousands of dollars by trading the ASX via SelfWealth. No matter the size of your trade, everyone pays $9.50. Last year we saved Australian investors of $2.5m in brokerage, compared to if they have had traded through Commsec.


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